How long will it take to upgrade from Statamic 2?

Our goal is for 85% of the sites to be able to upgrade in under 5 minutes.

Until we wrap up development, lock down new and changed conventions, and begin writing migration scripts, we won't know for certain if that's an achievable goal or not.

Known Breaking Changes

Here are some areas that have breaking changes locked in, and whether their migration process can be automated.

* With some exceptions.

PHP 7 and Composer are now requirements

This is just the natural order of evolving software and platforms. PHP 5 is retired. All newer version of Laravel require at least PHP 7. There's no way around it, so if your current site is running on an old server, you may need to upgrade it or move your site. If you need a new host, we recommend Digital Ocean. You can run a bunch of Statamic sites on a single $5/mo droplet. It's hard to beat.

What about the other 15%?

We'll just have to wait and see. Sites that depend on addons that need to be upgraded to Statamic 3, have highly complex logic that may depend on a breaking change, and elaborate multilingual sites will all vary greatly from site to site.

Feedback and iteration

Your feedback will help us continue to improve the migration process, even after the launch of 3.0.0. This will be a constantly moving target.

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