How much will Statamic 3 cost?

New licenses

We are currently exploring a price change that may add the notion of a "lite" or "hobby" price point, as well as an Enterprise-focused package, and a paid support program.

That's all we can really say about it at this time (still working those spreadsheets and looking for loopholes that need to be closed), but be confident that it will be a good change, for everyone. Bottom line, it's likely that most people will be paying less for Statamic overall and getting more than you do now.

Upgrading from Statamic 2

We've been saying that Statamic 3 will be a free upgrade for quite some time. That won't change. If you have a v2 license, you'll be able to upgrade it to a v3 license for no cost. We realize that's probably bad business, but we want to get everyone onto v3 as quickly as possible because frankly, it's so much better and is vastly easier to maintain.

Voluntary donations

Since we have poured thousands of hours of work into v3, we've decided to simply ask for a donation during the upgrade process. If money is tight, you're a student, from a country that doesn't scale well against the U.S. Dollar, or just want to tinker around... whatever your reason, please do not feel guilty for entering zero dollars and zero cents. There will not be a wall of shame. Just a hall of thanks.

If for some abundantly generous reason you want to pre-donate, you're welcome to do so at

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