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on February 1st, 2019

Continuing our perpetual theme of making all the things better, we've been adding some useful utilities to the control panel to make Dev Life™ easier.

Cache Manager

Why this was never a native feature in v2 still puzzles me. I compare it to that pile of mail on the counter that gets covered with other mail, and then put into a tidy stack by the microwave, and then on top of the fridge... You were always going to get to it, but then you didn't.

Well we got to it. Now you can manage your Statamic caches like a boss. Not only can you clear your caches, but you can see some useful info about them, like build time, size, last update, and so on.

Screenshot of Statamic 3's Cache Manager

PHP Info

Being able to quickly peek at your PHP config anytime you want is super useful. So we added that too.

Screenshot of Statamic 3's PHP Info viewer


We're working on a utility screen to help manage your search indexes, but there's not much to look at yet. Just imagine a nice screen that does useful things, and you're on the right track.

We're open to more ideas!

If you have any ideas for a core utility that would be useful on every single site, just let us know. That means nothing relying on optional third-party integrations or any such thing.

Jack McDade
Jack McDade, Creator of Statamic
Creator of Statamic

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