Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

on January 18th, 2019

A few days ago we highlighted the ability to pop open related content and edit it in a little pop-out interface. It's a killer feature, but the actual UI and UX implementation — while simple and clean enough — seemed prone to getting out of control quickly. If you edit a related entry and then want to edit another one side that... yikes. You're quickly lost in a sea of nested popover elements fighting for z-index with no idea which is which.

So over the last 2 days we designed an entirely new interaction pattern we're calling Stacks. You'll be seeing Stacks all around the control panel, because Stacks are stacking awesome, and they improve many of our workflow patterns by an order of magnitude.

Enough talk. Let's look at the thing. 👀

We are already head over heels for Stacks. Let us know what you think!

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Creator of Statamic

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