The Refining Process

on May 24th, 2019

As we grow closer to starting line for Statamic 3, the regular pattern of showing off shiny new things slows down and is replaced by the refining process of determined testing, tinkering, and documenting.

We're taking the chance right now to step through all the changes to the way Statamic works, to make sure they're worth comitting to and that any trade-offs are worth it, and then writing documentation for each.

This process will take some time. We haven't quite gotten into our full Alpha phase yet, so if you've applied to be a part of that -- thank you for your patience. I want to make sure we don't rush anything before it's ready. Past experience shows me that jumping the gun only slows down productivity and leads to a longer timeline.

Something Shiny Anyway

But we're here so let's just look at something new! We've reworked the publish screen a little bit and now have a dedicated sidebar that also holds the publish controls and required meta data (slug, date, etc). This will prevent the title area from getting overcluttered as extra publishing features get layered in (such as revisions, multi-site, multi-language, and so on). Little but important details.

Statamic 3 Publish Sidebar
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