The Long Awaited Status Update!

on January 4th, 2019

In February of last year we wrote a blog post revealing some of our plans with Statamic v3. It was the first step towards the next evolutionary jump for Statamic, and we were excited. We had a pile of good ideas that required breaking changes that would help make Statamic a better platform. We had been working on it off-and-on for a few months and were about to kick it into high gear and begin the push towards a working beta.

But then I decided to spend a day evaluating what our users needed most, right at that moment. There was a lot of low hanging fruit that would only take a few weeks instead of months to accomplish. Things that people really needed more than the ability to install into a current Laravel app or a simplified folder structure.

I made the decision to not delay those features as part of v3, but instead just keep pushing forward with v2 for a while longer.

Yes, Statamic v2 runs older versions of Laravel & Vue.js, but everything is stable. People are already running it and with a one-click update, can benefit right away. If we put important improvements on the other side of a major version upgrade, developers would need to suffer through the inevitably buggy early phase to get them.

So we paused v3, and worked to release Statamic 2.9, 2.10, and 2.11 during the rest of 2018. Those releases contained some great features:

Statamic 2.11 is in many ways the CMS I always dreamed about building.

In all honesty, it was better than my original plans for Statamic 3 (with the exception of Laravel and Vue.js versions). Naturally, the plans for v3 have grown, as you will soon see.

During that time period, we also launched the Marketplace, pushed hard on our marketing, established a Partner Program, launched Built With Statamic, and took some much needed vacation time.

Fast-forward to today - where are we at?

I'm happy to say we haven't just started up again on v3 - it's been our primary focus since August. You can see our hiatus in the repo's git commit chart below. You can also see that Jason didn't take enough time off over the holidays. 🤨

Statamic 3 repo commits chart

We're now far enough long that we can see the end in sight and are striving to be in an open beta this quarter (Q1 2019). We're past most if not all of the "unknowns".

It runs on Laravel 5.6+, both as a standalone application and an installable Composer package into existing applications.

We've refactored as much logic as possible to tap into native Laravel conventions to aid extensibility, while bridging the functional gap for everyone who doesn't care about that. Statamic is still super easy to use, has smart defaults, and will never require you to write PHP unless you want to.

The control panel's Vue codebase has been rewritten with Vue 2 and vastly improved its capabilities and extensibility.

The core application and addons are all Composer driven. You can install and upgrade anything in the Control Panel in addition to the command line.

The control panel has been cleaned up, the UI improved (while still feeling very much "at home") in every possible way, CSS refactored, workflows and common action patterns streamlined, and a whole lot more.

What to expect after today.

A lot more communication. I'm planning to post on this blog at least once a week with updates on our progress, deep dives into features, highlights, screenshots & videos, code examples, and when the time is right — info on the beta and how to start tinkering and testing. All the fun stuff comes after this post.

We have an FAQs section here on this microsite. We will keep that up to date as a quick-reference for any of those common high level questions you may have (release date, important links, pricing changes, etc).

We will be maintaining and updating v2 for some time yet. Keep building! Don't wait for v3 before building stuff - the upgrade will be free.

Thank you for 2018!

Statamic grew nearly 3x in 2018 thanks to all of you, so please don't pull back in waiting or I will probably panic, wondering what I did wrong, or clam up in fear of the demise of the internet. We are all finally full time on the product, and are so excited to make v3 everything we need and dream of. The web is changing and we plan to be on the cutting edge.

And in case you were curious, yes — this site is running on Statamic 3. 😁

Jack McDade
Jack McDade, Creator of Statamic
Creator of Statamic

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