on September 13th, 2019

Laravel 6 was released a few weeks ago and it's packed with great new features. One of those features is a new error/debug screen package called Ignition.

Ignition is an elegant way to debug exceptions, significantly more-so than its predecessor, Whoops. As you'd expect from a debug utility, it'll give you a clean and well organized stack trace, code snippets, information about the request, dumps, and so on.

But Ignition has a fresh killer feature that has us excited. It's called Solutions. It's a chance for your error screens to tell you why something went wrong and suggest ways of fixing it.

For example, we'll be able to detect a typo in your template or config file, suggest a fix, and provide links to most relevant page of the docs, a knowledge base article, or even a Stack Overflow post.

Out of the box

We've sprinkled in some solutions already and will continue to work on adding more as we go.

Here's a screenshot of a typo Suggestion in action. Note the filename and a preview — super helpful!

Ignition Collection Typo Suggestion

YAML Previews

Debugging YAML issues in the past has been a little annoying. The Symfony YAML parser does a great job at providing more helpful errors, but you still need to search your project to find where that one line was coming from.

So we integrated Ignition with our YAML handler and now you can see the contents of the file, which line has the error, and the path to the file itself.

Ignition Yaml Suggestion

Looking forward

We're really excited about Ignition and think it's a great addition to the Laravel ecosystem and subsequently, Statamic.

We're looking forward to being able to improve the Statamic developer experience in new ways and cut down on time spent wondering where you went off track. Make Debugging Great Again™, right?

If you want to learn more about Ignition, you can read Freek's writeup about it.

Jason Varga
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