Bard in Technocolor Fullscreen

on June 28th, 2019

Bard is ready and waiting to be your primary content editor. It has the ability to be a fundamental part of the Statamic experience, and because of that it deserves a lot of attention to detail. This week we've put a lot of work into really giving it the ol' spit shine.

Check out Bard in fullscreen mode with an inline image (not a set). 👇

Fullscreen Bard editor in Statamic 3

Hey, yeah there's more words down here. Bard handles copy and paste really well, feels great while writing, and adapts to mobile like a champ. We're looking forward to building new buttons and features on top of it, but are primarily focused on its core (and backwards compatible) features at this time.

Weekly progress update

In the interest of as much transparency as possible, here's the update on v3 progress this week. We are closing those issues down, one chunk at a time, and are officially one week closer to launching.

Another week of fixing bugs

Jack McDade
Jack McDade, Creator of Statamic
Creator of Statamic

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