Customizing Those Columns

on February 15th, 2019

Ready for some new hotness? Listing tables just got a big upgrade. You can now customize which columns are visible for any table (entries, taxonomies, users, etc), and in what order. The data itself adapts automatically based on the fieldtype. Relationship fields will show the titles of the related entries, assets show thumbnails, longer content truncates itself, and so on.

Check it out!

Statamic 3's customizable table columns

The state of each table in the Control Panel persists, unique to each individual user's decisions. You can even prevent a field from being a column option by setting listable: false on the field.

Unrelated...I need to make some new example entries. You have no idea how tired I am of these demo posts from v2.

Jack McDade
Jack McDade, Creator of Statamic
Creator of Statamic

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