Alpha 1 Progress Report

on March 1st, 2019

This week we've been focused and driving towards our first major milestone with Statamic 3. I could stop to show off some fancy new UI, but decided to show you something a bit more raw (and to us at least, exciting): our Alpha 1 Github project progress meter.

Statamic 3 Alpha 1 Progress Status

That last little remaining bit represents 7 Github issues, none of which are epics, and are primarily UI/UX.

Hold your horses! 🏇

Alpha 1 isn't a public release. It's a private build for a small group of pre-selected, early testers who will be focused on very specific aspects of upgradability from Statamic v2, but it's a big milestone nevertheless! A lot of aspects of the codebase needed to be locked in place to hit this goal, and we're excited to begin the next phase and get some early feedback.

Alpha 2

The Alpha 2 release will also be private, but you will be able to request access and make your case for early access. It will not be feature complete, but will be pattern and convention complete, which will allow teams with large sites, addon developers, and other special interest groups to have an opportunity to plan ahead. There will also be room for feedback to influence and play Devil's Advocate on decisions, breaking changing, naming mechanisms, and other aspects of the codebase.

We will have more info on requirements, conditions, types of wanted (and un-necessary) feedback, and so on as we pull closer on that phase. Stay tuned! We'll be back on Tuesday with some new feature highlights. 😎

Jack McDade
Jack McDade, Creator of Statamic
Creator of Statamic

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